Audition Requirements for Concert Band

(Auditions are for eligibility for Concert Band with Ms. Amy Weckesser only)

(Beginner Band and Cadet Band students do not need to audition)
(Returning Concert Band students do not need to audition)

If you have a question or concern about the audition requirements, please

email us at

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Prepared Music


Click here for Flute Audio 


Click here for Oboe Audio

Bb Clarinet

Click here for Bb Clarinet Audio

Alto Sax / Bari Sax

Click here for Alto Sax / Bari Sax Audio

Tenor Sax

(for audio see alto, transposition will sound different)


Click here for Trumpet Audio

French Horn

Click here for French Horn Audio

Baritone B.C. / Trombone

Click here for Baritone B.C.  / Trombone Audio 

Baritone T.C.

Click here for Baritone T.C. Audio


Click here for Tuba Audio

Bass Clarinet

Click here for Bass Clarinet Audio


Click here for Bassoon Audio

Percussion (Snare Drum part required for audition)

Click here for Percussion Audio

Snare Rudiments - Required 

- Buzz roll (soft-loud-soft; minimum of 20 seconds)

- Single Paradiddles

- (Alternating) Flams