For Band Members

Resources for Concert Band & Cadet Band Members

Click here for Printable files of Winter 2022 Sheet Music

CONCERT BAND - Audio Recordings For Practicing

CADET BAND - Audio Recordings for Practicing
1) Midnight Sky - audio here

2) Attack of the Slide Trombones - audio here

3) MusicMakers March - audio here

4) Minuet by Bach - audio here

5) You've Got a Friend Trio - audio here


All our students are ask to dress "nicely" for the concert.

No certain colors or styles are required.

Closed toe shoes preferred, no pants with rips (even though we know it is "fashionable").

For example, boys may wear a nice button down shirt or polo shirt with nice jeans or slacks, ties and/or jackets are nice but not required.

Girls may wear a dress, skirt or pants and top.

- Instrument (and accessories like reeds/ neckstraps /valve oil)

(We have percussion instruments - no need to bring those, but your personal sticks are fine to bring)

- Bring your folder of music to each rehearsal (Miss Amy will hand out the music or we will email links to music to print at home)

- Pencil

- Music Stand

- Portable Tuner or tuning app on phone (like Bandmate Chromatic Tuner)

(Can be shared among friends or family)

- Payment: due by Feb. 7, 2022

- Instrument

(and accessories - Mrs. Eley will advise beginner parents regarding any reeds

or neckstraps needed, etc. Cole's Music in Sewell is a great place to rent a band instrument if you're not ready to purchase.)

- Essential Elements Book One for your instrument (available on Amazon)

(Flute example here)

- Pencil

- Payment: due by Feb. 7, 2022